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A group a glass insulators featured in Bill and Jill Insulaors auction 160.

Bill and Jill Insulators Auction 160 features a CD 123 EC&M in Cobalt in outstanding “like new” condition, a great group of threadless, including the CD 790 “Large Teapot”, CD 736.7 “Jumbo Pilgrim Hat”, CD 735 Chester, CD 737 Lefferts, and more. Additional rare and hard-to-find CDs include CD 135.5 ERW, 266 “No 5 Boston Cable,” Hemingray CD 186.1, CD 186.2, CD 243, CD 291, and CD 307, and an unembossed CD 270. We added a selection of colorful signals and beehives, as well as a CD 196 HGCO in Blue w/ Milk Swirls. Several CD 260s including the desirable Harlow Helmet and a pinch-eared California. There is a great selection of Denver tolls, CD 143 and CD 154 beehives, and many power pieces including the rare CD 258 Cable in Emerald Green and a CD 254 HEMINGRAY No 63 CABLE, the massive CD 266 “No 5 Boston Cable,” colorful Zimce spools, and more!

For the go-with collector, we will present a number of pieces including a Dunton Tree Bracket (one of two known), a 1928 Ohio Brass Souvenir medallion, an Emerald Green chunk of glass, a lucite “insulator,” and more! You can also learn about the Roc Railroad & Shay Glass Company!